Scientists call dangerous products: “problems with the liver and heart”

Ученые назвали опасные продукты: "проблемы с печенью и сердцем"

Researchers say that certain foods are great harm to be careful

Scientists have said that GM foods are the most dangerous. According to the researchers, they can cause serious health problems.

So, it is noted that it is necessary to abandon potatoes with GMOs. It is argued that in some species contains a gene of a Scorpion, which helps to protect the root crop from the Colorado potato beetle.

In addition, you need to look at the tomatoes. Though genetically modified vegetables look attractive and have the same size, but they have no tomato taste.

Vegetable oil is made from sunflower, flax, corn and soybeans, but they are often subject to GMO. And rice modified for increased yields.

Ученые назвали опасные продукты: "проблемы с печенью и сердцем"

In addition, apples GMO long and well kept. According to scientists, in strawberry it is possible to find the gene of the Arctic flounder, which makes it resistant to frost.

Due to genetic modification of soy beans may cause problems with the pancreas.

A GMO corn threatens malfunction of the liver, kidneys and heart. Also GMO is present in sausage products.

Recall that the Chinese have learned to fake eggs, which are almost not be distinguished from chicken.

However, keep in mind that organic eggs contain a variety of nutrients: vitamins A, E, D, B group and minerals. There is cholesterol that does not harm human health. Therefore, experts always recommend eating one egg a day, and the kids ‘ menu this product is considered indispensable.

The egg, which was created by the Chinese, has no useful properties. His skorlupe made of plaster, wax, and calcium. Protein is created from a mixture of gelatin and calcium alginate, with the addition of pigments.

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Ученые назвали опасные продукты: "проблемы с печенью и сердцем"Eggs in a million

The consequences after this delicacy can be unpredictable.

In particular, long-term use may affect the nervous system. Children may experience hyperactivity, and mental development when it slows down.

In fake eggs, even made an air membrane. It should be noted that for a start the Chinese are doing is a chemical compound, which is dyed in yellow color with pigments and put into shape to become spherical.

Recall benefits of eggs and how to protect yourself from cholesterol.

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