Scientists are close to unlocking the millennial Egyptian pyramids: “found the key”

Ученые близки к тысячелетней разгадке египетских пирамид: «найден ключ»

Egyptologists have found the “key” that will open the doors of the famous pyramids, and humanity finds out what’s inside

“We just need to insert a small camera into the hole, and it will answer many questions,” has unveiled its plan scientists.

Specialists Egyptologists and a group of international archaeologists, who in the framework of a research project ScanPyramids studying the Great pyramid at Giza, discovered by accident at her entrance. A small hole is located on the Northern side of this wonder of the world.

Ученые близки к тысячелетней разгадке египетских пирамид: «найден ключ»

About mysterious void of the centuries, no one knew.

Specialist in ancient history and civilizations Matthew Sibson already stated that the new entrance to the pyramid will help to answer the question that has yet to be resolve: why were ancient Egyptian pyramids.

“Whatever the true purpose of the great pyramid, I believe that all answers can be found by drilling a small hole in the masonry under the chevrons. We just need to insert a small camera into the hole, and it will answer many questions”, — told reporters the scientist.

At the moment, scientists are attempting obtain the Egyptian authorities permission to carry out the necessary work.

As previously reported, the researchers revealed the DNA code Egyptian mummies and saw unfathomable.

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A team of researchers from different countries analyzed the DNA 151st mummies from archaeological area Abusir El-Melek. This area is located along the Nile in middle Egypt. The study involved a mummy’s age 1400 BC – 400 years B. C. As it turned out, the DNA of modern inhabitants of Egypt coincides more with the genome of Africans who live South of the Sahara.

Ученые близки к тысячелетней разгадке египетских пирамид: «найден ключ»

Study author Johannes Krause, Director of the Institute of human Sciences, max Planck Society (Germany) said that genetic studies of ancient Egyptian mummies is quite rare, as there are a number of problems, as the hot climate, high humidity levels in the tombs, chemical substances used for mummification, which destroy DNA.

The success of this team of scientists in the extraction and analysis of DNA from the mummies is a breakthrough that opens the door for further study of the mummified remains to better understand the history of human settlement in Egypt.

Recall that scientists have discovered the oldest “political order”, the body of a Prince who reigned in Europe, almost 4,000 years ago.

As reported Politeka, archaeologists have struck the discovery in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, she’s almost a thousand years

Also Politeka wrote that discovered one of the oldest shrines in the world