Scientists are alarmed by the cause of cancer in women: “more Harmful than Smoking”

Ученые встревожены причиной появления рака у женщин: "Вреднее, чем курение"

Scientists are convinced that by 2035, this health problem will become the leading cause of death from cancer in women

The study showed that obesity will overtake Smoking and become the main preventable cause of death from cancer in women. Unfortunately, women continue to get better.

If the situation does not change, obesity will soon surpass Smoking in the ranking of main reasons for the development of malignant tumors in women. And we are talking about the causes of cancer, which could have been avoided through proper lifestyle.

Ученые встревожены причиной появления рака у женщин: "Вреднее, чем курение"

Cancer Research U.K. estimates that approximately 23,000 women in the UK will suffer from tumors associated with obesity, by 2035. And the number of cancer cases due to Smoking will be 2,000 less.

It is expected that by 2043 year obesity will be the main cause of cancer in women, of course, if you don’t take any radical action against these unhealthy phenomena. Currently in the UK Smoking causes approximately 12.4% of cancer cases in women, and obesity is only 7.5%. This difference in men more because men are more likely to smoke. While men associated with tobacco 17.7% of all tumors, and obesity leads to only 5.2 per cent.

While the British men also continue to strongly recover, but in their case, obesity will cause more cancer cases than Smoking, significantly later.

Their forecasts analysts made on the basis of a study of the causes of cancer incidence in the period from 1979 to 2014. They emphasize that obesity is becoming the biggest global threat to the population, with almost no effective action to curb the obesity epidemic will not be accepted. But in the field of tobacco, the British made great strides over the past decades.

Ученые встревожены причиной появления рака у женщин: "Вреднее, чем курение"

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