Scientists announced when it will be able to save humanity from all disease and old age

Ученые сообщили, когда смогут избавить человечество от всех болезней и старости

Scientists said that to save mankind from all diseases, including cancer, it is possible and even called when it happens

Scientists believe that in the near future medicine will be able to work miracles.

Geneticists from the Institute of Genome Project revealed that in ten years human cells can become resistant to the virus, mutations, and not to give in to aging and the negative impact of external factors.

Ученые сообщили, когда смогут избавить человечество от всех болезней и старости

Now experts can create bacteria, which are not afraid of viruses. But to create one such bacteria need a lot of effort — you need to literally reprogram its genome. So the bacterium has become resistant to the virus, you need to change about 300 proteins.

Although the possibility of reprogramming cells is impressive, but in order to change the human genome at this stage you need to do an incredible job of making the hundreds of thousands of adjustments. Experts believe that in the next ten years, such opportunities for physicians may appear.

If genetics can make changes in human cells, we will be able to defeat many diseases, including cancer. In addition, the change of the genome will help to stop the aging process and significantly reduce the harmful effects of external factors, e.g., cold, radiation, and various toxins.

Experts believe that it is in the ability to work with genes lies the secret of mankind’s survival, as the environment becomes more aggressive, and in order that this problem was successfully solved by evolution, will take a very long time.

As reported, scientists have approached big breakthrough — soon, cancer will be eliminated over several sessions.

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According to researchers from the American University of Bath and combined cell and gene therapy will significantly expand the capabilities of the human body and to mobilize the inherent nature the capacity to fight disease.

Ученые сообщили, когда смогут избавить человечество от всех болезней и старости

For several years, scientists are testing various compounds that are able to achieve if not immortality, then at least double the lifespan. One more step towards the eternal life they did thanks to technology, cell and gene editing. After all, it is now possible to neutralize and normalize the individual processes — from blood circulation to metabolism.

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