Scientists: after 49 years on Earth may fall huge asteroid Apophis

Scientists have named a new date for the end of the world will happen in 2068, when the Earth will face a huge asteroid Apophis.

The researchers said that from observing the celestial bodies, discovered a huge asteroid that is coming to our planet and could destroy her.

Called the asteroid Apophis in honor of in honor of the evil Egyptian serpent-God who tried to destroy all life.

Apophis – a really big asteroid. The size of the outer diameter of body is 325 meters and a weight of 27 million tons.

Astronomers discovered the asteroid Apophis in 2004, and already then found out that very soon the outer body can destroy the Earth.
The fact that Apophis is moving in a circle around our planet, but with each round the orbit of the cosmic body getting closer to the “blue” planet.

For example, in 2013, the asteroid passed at a distance of 14.5 million kilometers of near our planet. However, according to scientists, in 2029, when Apophis will approach the earth, this distance will be reduced to 38 million kilometers. At the same time to see Apophis will be to the naked eye.

After that, a huge asteroid come as close as possible to the “blue” planet in 2044, 2051, 2060. The distance at which a celestial body will pass at this time from the Earth, will decrease.

In the end, 2068 Apophis will again be at a close distance from our planet, and the distance is as close as possible, so the asteroid would just hit Earth.

When will clash of Apophis and Earth, within a radius of 120 kilometers from the impact site of the asteroid all life will be destroyed immediately.

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But this is only the beginning of the Apocalypse – because of the blow will begin the strongest in the Land, the earthquake, and in the atmosphere will rise thousands of tons of dust that will cause the beginning of a new ice age.

For example, similar to the fall of the asteroid on the Earth caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Also, scientists have calculated that if an asteroid falls into the ocean, it does not make life easier for mankind, as the shock wave will cause around the world coast a devastating tsunami.

The wave of destruction will destroy all populated point at a distance of 300 kilometers from the coast of the ocean. It: Tokyo, NY, London, Saint Petersburg, Sydney, Bangkok, Rome, Singapore, Istanbul and other cities.

However, let’s hope that the scientists still inaccurate and humanity still has time to learn to prevent the threat from space.

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