Scientists: Acoustic tractor beam opens the way to levitation man

Ученые: Акустический тяговой луч открывает путь к левитации человека

Scientists from the University of Bristol has proved after research a stable control using acoustic tractor beam, which pushed the pills inside the human body. This process may open the way to levitate people.
Previously, scientists believed that the acoustic tractor beam capable of moving only small objects. All torture to hold objects larger than the wavelength, were unsuccessful. This process occurred due to transfer of rotational motion of bodies rolling around faster and faster in its orbit. After some time they threw away. British engineers have described in the pages of Physical Review Letters vibration characteristics of the audio vortexes and funnels.

According to scientists, a rapid change of direction of the objects makes it possible to stabilize acoustic tractor beam. The increase in size and the silent core is able to capture larger objects. When using the sound waves of 40 kHz, the experts were able to levitate balls of polystyrene. According to Professor Bruce Drinkwater, this discovery has great potential in various fields. In the future, engineers will be able to collect items without touching them.

Ученые: Акустический тяговой луч открывает путь к левитации человека

Previously, scientists suggested right in the mouth through the air to carry the food.

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