Scientist has determined the date of the end of the world: “the plan of destruction written in the Bible” soon

Ученый определил дату конца света: "план разрушения написан в Библии", уже скоро

A famous American researcher David Montaigne vycheslit that the end times will come no earlier than December 21, 2019

The scientist says that under the influence of nearby planets to our planet, will begin natural anomalies and destruction. This will decline the largest cities in the world.

Montagne assured that the entire plan of destruction has already been written in the Bible, ancient texts in India and Egypt.

And of course the new apocalyptic predictions, not without a mysterious planet Nibiru. Montaigne said that his forecast is interconnected with the mysterious planet X.

Ученый определил дату конца света: "план разрушения написан в Библии", уже скоро

Other scientists also believe that our planet is in great danger – the Earth is waiting for a terrible accident.

According to them, the perpetrators of Apocalypse now at breakneck speed dash to the Blue planet.

It’s two heavenly bodies, which are currently overcome the milky way. According to scientists, if cosmic objects will not change its trajectory, the Earth is waiting for the fatal collision.

Experts call a serious reason, from-for which about the danger found out almost at the last moment.

The fact that the planets do not emit light, and therefore it was very difficult to detect. And found out about their existence and that they approach the Earth, quite by accident.

One of the planet-killers had covered the light of distant galaxies which serendipitously had been watching the experts. Calculate the speed of objects and their trajectory, scientists began to closely monitor the flight of these comets.

Ученый определил дату конца света: "план разрушения написан в Библии", уже скоро

The experts have even managed to calculate the size of celestial bodies. So, one approximately the same parameters as the Earth, and her companion resembles the size of Jupiter.

Scientists emphasize again that both the space object really dangerous for the Earth and earthlings. Until they change the trajectory and if you get closer, there will be a fatal collision.

Recall that the prophecies of Vanga come true: the devil planet Nibiru closer than ever.

As reported Politeka, a dangerous menace from outer space approaching Earth: “Nibiru will seem like nothing”.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists announced the terrible news, “until the end of the world left 44” Nibiru will incinerate the Earth.