Schuster revealed the secret of victory Zelensky on Putin: “Russia lives in fear”

Шустер раскрыл секрет победы Зеленского над Путиным: "Россия живет в страхе"

Newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky deserve sympathy even among Russians

Journalist Savik Shuster explained how the new Ukrainian leader will be able to defeat Russia led by Vladimir Putin. He opened his script to the conversation Alesya Batsman in the Studio of TV channel “112”.

The journalist believes that with Vladimir Putin cannot be fought by force, because Russia is definitely stronger than Ukraine in the military sphere. Vladimir Zelensky is to find an alternative, diplomatic approach to resolving the conflict. So the entertainer can ruin the life of a Russian competitor in developing Ukraine for the presidential post.

Шустер раскрыл секрет победы Зеленского над Путиным: "Россия живет в страхе"

“He needs an example of wealthy countries nearby. It must be fought asymmetrically. Don’t tell him that he was the aggressor, it is necessary to say that we don’t want to live in doorways in the shit in which people live Putin,” said Schuster in the channel 112.

Savik Shuster drew attention that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is a man of the past. And the Creator of “95 Quarter” Vladimir Zelensky, who only expects inaguratio, represents the future of Ukraine. A President can attract the progressive elite, which is dissatisfied with the Russian President. It is only important to publicly appeal to the Russians.

“Advanced Zelensky, Zelensky for the elites of Russia sympathetic than Putin, especially for the elites of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk. They just look at Zelenskaya, Ukraine, and she’s attractive, because she chose such a person, the new generation. Ukraine chose hope Russia constantly living in fear. I think that the results of the elections in the Kremlin upset,” said the presenter.

Шустер раскрыл секрет победы Зеленского над Путиным: "Россия живет в страхе"

Earlier it became known that Vladimir Zelensky has already begun to fulfill his promises. So he formally withdrew from the leadership of the “Studio Quarter 95”. This was reported by the press service of the newly elected President. In the official account “Zelensky – the servant of the People” in Twitter it is said that the winner of the presidential elections gave the company in the management of business partners with a guarantee of five years.

And before that soosnovatel “Quarter 95” Sergey Safir reported that Vladimir Zelensky will receive dividends from royalties. Says partner, after the end of the presidential term, the comedian will be able to return their share in the business. But some brands still remained with Vladimir Zelensky. Now the main income of the Studio “Kvartal 95” receives from TV. But before the war the company received the most money from a business in Russia.

Recall, Schuster disgraced in front of millions of Ukrainians from-for love to Poroshenko: “the Curators have given the team”.

As reported Politeka, Saakashvili explained why Zelensky lose the war with Russia: “Putin has decided…”.

Also Politeka wrote that Savik Shuster suddenly returned to Ukraine: “let’s get to work Kolomoisky”.