Schoolgirl abused teacher for four years: “lured cigarettes”

Школьницы подвергались издевательствам учителя на протяжении четырех лет: "заманивал сигаретами"

A history teacher for many years corrupted Schoolgirls

The teacher drove the students to the tournaments of intellectual games “What? Where? When?” and during trips drunk girls and demanded to give him pleasure”.

About it write local mass-media.

Egregious incident occurred in the Russian city of Kazan. Teacher of history Airat Mukharlyamov was accused of sexual harassment for Schoolgirls. Girls argue that they made their teacher for 4 years — in the years 2013-2017. Mukharlyamov in that time has worked in several best educational institutions of the capital of Tatarstan.

Школьницы подвергались издевательствам учителя на протяжении четырех лет: "заманивал сигаретами"

Checking against the teacher began Prosecutor’s office of Kazan. She was appointed by the local media. Seven former students Airat Maharramova told about how a history teacher and solder them stripped during a tournament game “What? Where? When?”.

Former pupil of the teacher of history told in detail what he required from them. As a reward the teacher offered the girls a pack of cigarettes, says the victim of sexual harassment.

He Airat Mukharlyamov said that no sexual harassment during his trips with students to tournaments was not. The management of the school, where he worked as a teacher, says that complaints against him were reported. However, the teacher was suspended from work in the camps CPP for Kazan students — as noted by the organizers, because “peculiar” methods of work with children.

Школьницы подвергались издевательствам учителя на протяжении четырех лет: "заманивал сигаретами"

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Also earlier it was reported that the police managed to catch the corrupter of children, who himself was a child. 14-year-old raped a 6-grader in one of villages of Ukraine, while he filmed the crime on his camera phone.

About this on his page in Facebook reported the first Deputy head of the National police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin. He said that it happened on February 22.

“Sexual offences against adult citizens is a disaster, and in relation to children is a double tragedy. In the village 14-year-old boy raped young boys, born in 2005, a student in grade 6… When they began to understand the reasons, it is found that in this way five years ago this guy raped his own father, who is serving a sentence in places of deprivation of liberty,” he wrote on his page.

Recall that the maniac was tortured a young girl in Kiev.

As reported Politeka, the boy suffered terrible bullying stepfather maniac, Kiev put on the ears.

Also Politeka wrote that the girl concealed the violence that was committed on her a foreigner.