Scenes Households : Marion Game speaks on the departure of Audrey Lamy and Loup-Denis Elion – Here

Audrey Lamy and Loup-Denis Elion live their last moments in the heart of Scenes of households. Marion Game, famous Huguette of the program, returned on their departure from the series.

It is with all the straight-talking that it is known that Marion Game has lent itself to the game of the interview for TV Mag. And the interpreter of Huguette in the series Scènes de ménages broadcast on M6, has lost none of the energy that gives life to his character, “a grandmother who is back and who is able to endure all things” as it is known in the series. And despite nine years already in the service of the M6, Marion Game is clearly not close to hang up the apron : “You can’t be tired of a role like that. One of the authors […] magic “.

The actress was 75 years of age is, however, returned on the departure of Audrey Lamy and Loup-Denis Elion. The “chicks” of the program will leave Scenes of households at the end of this new season. An ad that does not grieve not the least of the world Marion Game, quite the contrary : “I am very happy, she says. Gerard and me, we don’t say that one has a career to do. Audrey and Loup-Denis are young, they have talent. Them to move forward now ! “.

If she claims not to be aware of the identity of the alternates, it may well be that four new boys to make their entrance : “I have vaguely heard of two couples, but I don’t know where they are “. Mystery.

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