Scared scientists discovered in the ionosphere of the Earth’s giant hole

Ученых напугала обнаруженная в ионосфере Земли гигантская дыра

The appearance of the anomaly, they explained the sudden warming of the stratosphere.

In the Earth’s ionosphere have discovered a huge hole. The authors of the discoveries were the scientific staff of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. According to experts, a hole appeared due to a sharp increase in temperature in the stratosphere. Such information published on the portal

Sudden warming in the stratosphere is a tangible increase in winter temperatures over the polar and Subpolar regions of the planet. The reason for such anomalies serve as gravitational atmospheric fluctuations. They are formed in the troposphere and often rise above when bent around the mountains. In the case of stratospheric warming, the circumpolar vortex is destroyed.

It should be noted that previously, experts believed that changes in the ionosphere occur during daylight hours only. Recently, however, managed to establish that VSP occur at night. So, as a result reduce the density of free electrons formed ionospheric hole. Researchers, in turn, noted that the understanding of the nature of such processes is important for space weather forecasting.

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