Scandalous Volochkova put bare Breasts on the beach: “you don’t give up”

Скандальная Волочкова выставила голую грудь на пляже: "никак не уймется"

Famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova shocked naked photo

So, on his page in social network Instagram Anastasia Volochkova published pics of the rest.

Volochkova has shared a photo where posing completely naked. Znamenitosti captured while swimming in the sea.

Скандальная Волочкова выставила голую грудь на пляже: "никак не уймется"

“I am the sea!”, “This is fun!”, — signed photo Volochkova.

Ballerina closed to other users comments, I guess that would write the users. It is no coincidence that Anastasia Volochkova has banned subscribers to speak. Too often, the haters threw her page with negative statements. Many wanted to blame Volochkova that it has completely lost the shame and won’t give up “with their kids”.

Recently a celebrity said that he had stopped responding to the haters.

“I don’t read, don’t watch what you are talking about me, write, compose. The funny thing is that I’m five years old wanted to be a famous person, a famous ballerina, and there is a need to reach this to reach this fame, but do not want to know what is said about you,” said Anastasia Volochkova.

However, each picture has collected a few thousand likes.

We will remind that the soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva “dumped” in the new photo, which is presented to everyone spicy finish.

Скандальная Волочкова выставила голую грудь на пляже: "никак не уймется"

This time on his page in social network Instagram the star posted a series of pictures of her posing in the usual bold and even “rebellious” manner, and not in a pretty and modest.

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So, this time Nadia told about the problems encountered during the flight. The fact that upon arrival to Odessa from Turkey Dorofeeva have not found your Luggage. As it turned out, the suitcase was detained in the way. While in Odessa Dorofeeva came with a specific goal here was planned the next performance of the group “Time and Glass”.

Nadia told me that she wanted to relax in front of the Odessa speech. Because before that night. However, instead of relaxing waiting for her active shopping shopping Odessa in search of a new outfit for the performance.

“This is the third time does not come our bags… We flew from Turkey. Today we are on “Block”. Never showed my costumes and Positive. And I was hoping we sleep — we had a night without sleep. I spent the whole day on my feet in search of a costume. And thank God, saved me some showrooms of Odessa. I’ll do a post and show you what I got outfit. It is a very discreet happened. But I really saved today. So, Odessa, thank you very much for the welcome” — appealed to fans of the singer.

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