Scandalous Montyan urged for the separation of Lviv: “the wind in sweaty balls”

Скандальная Монтян призвала к отделению Львовщины: «ветер в потные яйца»

Tatiana Montyan called the residents of Lviv region crazy and said that the residents of the rest of Ukraine wouldn’t mind her office

Ukrainian video blogger and lawyer Tatyana Montyan stated that Ukraine is not against the separation of Lviv region from the rest of Ukraine. This writes

“As the wave of separatism in the Lviv region – since it already is the place to be. Flag in their hands, the wind in his sweaty balls, let them the poles are busy. Lord, let him be separated. You think someone in Ukraine wants to live with these lunatics? While they are not bothering anyone and no nothing is imposed, everything was fine. But as soon as they felt some of the strength and support of p in Nosov, Europki, they immediately tried to bend the whole of Ukraine”, – she said.

Скандальная Монтян призвала к отделению Львовщины: «ветер в потные яйца»

Commenting on this statement Montyan, a political scientist Alexey golobutsky said that her words were actively spread by the Russian media.

Previously a lawyer in a video on YouTube with Alexander Semchenko has made another controversial statement.

Commenting on the granting Ukraine of the Tomos of avtokefalii, she said: “what do You think, that someone will be longer than the member, or the pipes themselves will repair? The economy is up or trample? With this change, except that Varfolomey hapanuli a lot of dough? Pind*Sy just give him more than Cyril. Is what to do about it.”

Earlier Montyan spoke about the aggression of Russia in the Kerch Strait, where Russian border guards seized three Ukrainian ship and the sailors captured.

Скандальная Монтян призвала к отделению Львовщины: «ветер в потные яйца»

“It’s these three trough you in the Strait is captured. I think they needed to get the hell out and not to run into penalties, but you fell for the provocation Petit” — said Montyan.

Recall Montyan publicly insulted Ukrainians.

We wrote that Montyan was struck by a statement in the address of a dead McCain.

Also politeka reported that Montyan called for the murder of the Ukrainian military.