Scandalous lover of Putin Shtepa swindled Ukrainians: details of the court decision

Скандальная любительница Путина Штепа облапошила украинцев: подробности решения суда

Today, 24 October, the European court of human rights made a decision on admitting the violation by Ukraine in the case of ex-mayor of Slavyansk Nely Shtepy, who is accused of separatism

According to the court, Ukraine is obliged to pay Shtepa 2600 Euro moral damages and 1000 euros as compensation of legal costs, writes up.

Shtepa complained of a violation of paragraph 3 of article 5 of the Convention on the protection of human rights, its preliminary conclusion was lengthy and unjustified. In addition, she complained of a violation of paragraph 1 of article 6 of the Convention that the criminal proceedings against her had been unreasonably lengthy.

The ECHR declared admissible the complaint Shtepa for the excessive length of the criminal proceedings against her and held that there had been violations of the above articles of the Convention.

Скандальная любительница Путина Штепа облапошила украинцев: подробности решения суда

Recall that she was arrested in July 2014. Stepu accused of encroachment on Ukraine’s territorial integrity, which was the cause of death of people and creation of terrorist group or organization.

At trial, Shtepa explained that urged Putin to enter into Slavyansk under the threat of terrorists in captivity by the terrorists beat her, and the interview for Russian media made “at gunpoint”. Sanction incriminated article provides for life imprisonment.

Скандальная любительница Путина Штепа облапошила украинцев: подробности решения суда

March 6, 2018, the court of Appeal Kharkiv region decided to send the case materials for Shtepa for consideration in the Ordzhonikidzevsky regional court of the city. The case for Shtepa initially supposed to start for the fifth time.

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Until this matter is addressed in Krasnozavodsky, Kominternovsky, Leninsky, and Oktyabrsky district courts of Kharkov, but through the bends and recusals members of the panel of judges, none of them have not been able to reach a verdict. Some courts have failed even to hold a preparatory meeting.

We will remind, this week after a 16-month break, the Ordzhonikidzevsky district court of Kharkov continued preliminary hearing on the case Shtepa.

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