Scandalous father of Meghan Markle spoke about the birth of a grandson: “God save the Queen”

Скандальный отец Меган Маркл высказался о рождении внука: «Боже, храни королеву»

Thomas Markle, who in the press, has earned the glory of Starscream, wanting to cash in on his famous daughter, spoke about the birth of a grandson

74-year-old father of the Duchess of Sussex, who gave birth to a son, reacted to the news with a touching congratulation.

“I am proud that my new grandson was born in the British Royal family, and I am sure that he will grow up to serve the crown and the people of Britain with grace, dignity and honor. God bless the child, and I wish him health and happiness. Congratulations to my beloved daughter the Duchess of Megan and Prince Harry and God save the Queen”, is published by the father of Megan, writes Today.

Скандальный отец Меган Маркл высказался о рождении внука: «Боже, храни королеву»

Note that the mother of Meghan Markle in advance flew from Los Angeles to London to help her daughter after the baby is born.

Also add that after the 37-year-old Megan is married to Prince Harry, it has soured relations with his own father.

He began to give left and right an interview in which he accused the daughter that she had soon after marriage and doesn’t want to know now, neither him nor his relatives.

According to Thomas Markle, he tried to call his daughter, had sent her letters and attempted to meet in person. However, Megan was in denial.

About the same scandalous interview he gave, and sister Meghan Markle Samantha. She also told reporters that almost abandoned the family after became a Royal daughter-in-law.

As we wrote earlier, at the time, as Megan gave birth, thousands of fans of the Royal family arrived in the town where the estate of the Dukes to be the first to congratulate Markle and Prince Harry on the birth of their first child.

The British spend the night on the street near the new home of Megan and Harry. They were ready to sing loudly to celebrate the birth of a Royal heir. This statement was made by the Royal are a devoted fan of John Lugere.

Скандальный отец Меган Маркл высказался о рождении внука: «Боже, храни королеву»

“When the baby is born (no matter girl or boy) we will celebrate with fish nuggets and chips, a slice of the American pie and champagne. And still we sing: “Pozdrav-La-eat,” wrote the man on his page on the social network Twitter.

Add that Megan gave birth to a boy.

Recall that Kate Middleton was caught in a drunken state.

As reported Politeka, slender Kate Middleton in jeans and high boots, was officially released from the decree.

Also Politeka reported that Kate Middleton dislike Meghan Markle.