Scandalous Deputy of the Lexus staged a scary car crash: “shoved the blame on the victim”

Скандальный депутат на Lexus устроил страшное ДТП: "вину спихнули на пострадавшего"

The MP has committed an accident and disappeared from the scene

We are talking about the Deputy of the state Duma, the deserved doctor of Russia Nicholas Gerasimenko. Lexus he hit a motorcyclist in Moscow, writes ru.

68-year-old Deputy sloppy regrouped in the street Krupskaya and crashed into the motorcycle of Vladimir Lazarev. 32-year-old boy fell hard on the asphalt, got a concussion and closed cherepno-a brain trauma.

The Deputy Gerasimenko got off lightly. When the father of the victim in road accident Vladimir Lazarev arrived on the scene, the officer was gone.

Скандальный депутат на Lexus устроил страшное ДТП: "вину спихнули на пострадавшего"

Скандальный депутат на Lexus устроил страшное ДТП: "вину спихнули на пострадавшего"

By the way, Gerasimenko this year alone, four were prosecuted for traffic violations. The repeat offender.

According to him, no serious injuries received, and the motorcyclist he hit him.

“Yes, it is. He crashed into me,” said the Deputy.

But on account of the fact. he had fled the scene of the accident, the Deputy was justified:

“I waited for the ambulance, so it’s a lie,” he said.

And recently in Ukraine drunken Deputy made a terrible traffic accident in Kyiv region.

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In the accident the driver and passenger of a motorcycle, the villagers Sotnykivka, from traumatized died on the spot.

Behind the wheel of the car “Chevrolet” was a 32-year-old resident of Yahotyn, the Deputy of the city Council. He was detained by militiamen.
It is established that at the time of the accident the blood alcohol of the driver-offender was 2.0 ppm.

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