Scandal with a former friend Zelensky continued: “disappeared”

Скандал с бывшим другом Зеленского получил продолжение: "Бесследно исчез"

The other newly minted politician Vladimir Zelensky, Denis Manzhosov after the scandal with a press conference disappeared

About it in the comment journalists were told by one of the actors of the Studio Kvartal 95 Alexander Pikalov.

It is noted that Denis Manzhosova, who for many years acted in the Quarter, after the disappearance searched his former colleagues.

Скандал с бывшим другом Зеленского получил продолжение: "Бесследно исчез"

“We were looking for. He went missing and we searched all the “quarter”. And found it the next day in his apartment, there he was closed and did not open the door. We are very worried. We haven’t spoken for many years, but was looking for it the whole quarter, and when found, once again said, “Dennis, well, well, well”, — said the actor Alexander Pikalov.

According to the artist, Denis Manzhosova after the disappearance was found the next day – it just closed in his apartment.

On the question of his companion, did Denisov Manzhosov to tell something about the candidate in presidents of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky at a press conference, which was specially organized in Kiev, Alexander Pikalov said, “If he came from there, so he wanted something”.

Скандал с бывшим другом Зеленского получил продолжение: "Бесследно исчез"

Earlier, we reported that a childhood friend and co-founder of “95 Quarter” Denis Manzhosov did not attend the press conference, which was planned to publish incriminating evidence against Vladimir Zelensky.

The press conference was scheduled for 15:30, but never started. Manzhosov escaped and sent a TEXT message to the organizers of the press conference. He explains his departure that “he saw his former friends and changed his decision.” Also Manzhosov said that he was “all morning call, write, threaten”. Manzhosov promised within two hours to publish a video message in which tells in detail about the incident.

Recall that the commotion happened on the plane with Zelensky, eyewitnesses post photos.

As reported Politeka, wife Zelensky could not resist and showed how it likes.

Politeka also wrote that the father of Vladimir Zelensky spoke about his son.