Scandal rattles in PrivatBank: the money disappeared, “we are sorry”

Скандал гремит в ПриватБанке: деньги испарились, "нам очень жаль"

Privat withdraws the money from the cards of its customers and returns them back

Client Privat Natalia described the situation in his comments on the official website of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

The woman told that when paying for New email PrivatBank card through the terminal, issued a receipt stating that the transaction is not completed successfully, however, after checking my account she has discovered that money has been written off.

Скандал гремит в ПриватБанке: деньги испарились, "нам очень жаль"

“Please pay attention to my situation. 5.08 when paying on the new post the money card was removed, but the surgery went as unsuccessful. A story about how incompetent the staff that gave me correct info, I’m going to miss it.”- says Natalia.

Also the woman has taken all necessary measures for the return of their own funds at stake Privat, but a positive result still not received.

“I provided all info to the Bank, also in El. The response from New mail that the money they have on account is not received, but my application never take in! Or rather not taken, but it there safely lies, no explanation, money is not on the map, the clear answer is no. Tell me, how did You get through that You returned the money to the account. Why this attitude towards their customers? I don’t know what else I can do, so I returned my money, which I did not give the right to use, without my permission!”, — wrote are dissatisfied with the services of their Bank client.

PrivatBank said in a statement in the comments of the formulaic phrase that the matter is settled, and the Bank addressed to the client in private messages.

“Good day! We are very sorry that You are faced with such a situation. We contacted You in private messages to provide information on this issue. Sincerely, Privat.”

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Скандал гремит в ПриватБанке: деньги испарились, "нам очень жаль"

Скандал гремит в ПриватБанке: деньги испарились, "нам очень жаль"

Recall, PrivatBank was caught in a scandal in Odessa: “millions settled in the pockets”.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank put the debt in 212 thousand 500 UAH: secretly numbered years.

Also Politeka wrote that PrivatBank was caught in a scandal with debts on credit cards: what happened.