Scandal! Opened access to the accounts of Ukrainians: what that means to each of us

Скандал! Раскрыт доступ к счетам украинцев: чем это грозит каждому из нас

The Ministry of Finance received access to the accounts of Ukrainians

The Ministry of Finance has developed special documents to get information on Ukrainians to check social payments, including pensions, subsidies and benefits, reports vesti.

Now the Ministry of Finance can obtain a free information containing banking secrets and personal data.

Скандал! Раскрыт доступ к счетам украинцев: чем это грозит каждому из нас

To implement such authority, the Ministry of Finance has developed several projects: the electronic cooperation of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of interior, LCA, Administration of state border service, the state fiscal service, Treasury scfm.

Now the Agency can obtain such information:

— about the registered vehicles, their owners and legitimate users;

the details of the documents issued by the person, as well as documents on the basis of which issued such documents (in the data type, name of document, series, number, date of issuance and the authorized entity that issued the document, the validity of the document), lost documents, place of residence;

— persons violating the border regime, regime at checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine or regime rules in the checkpoints of entry and exit;

— customs clearance of imported to Ukraine of vehicles, their component parts with identification numbers;

— extracts from budget accounts to receive the proceeds on payment by the person of the penalty for the Commission of a criminal or administrative violations;

— about the sources of income received by individuals from tax agents, or signs of the presence of income received by an individual from business or exercise independent professional activity.

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Скандал! Раскрыт доступ к счетам украинцев: чем это грозит каждому из нас

We will remind that Ukrainians has prepared new legislation providing for the imposition of draconian penalties for employers.

This was stated by the candidate on a post of the head of the Committee on Finance, tax and customs policy Daniel Getmantsev.

In particular, the relevant Committee is ready to submit to the Verkhovna Rada about 30 bills.

According to Daniel Getmantsev, these bills deal with tax — legislative initiative on “cashback” and an e-check, a bill on combating BEPS, as well as on a single account for paying taxes and fees.

“Tax initiatives amongst the first is e — check, and “cashback”. Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued this initiative: if I do not issue a check or give a fake (which I can check online), I notify the tax and get a refund of your purchase. And the entrepreneur pays a 200% penalty. That is, we will connect all citizens of Ukraine to the control of cash management operations,” he disclosed details of the newly elected people’s Deputy from “public Servants”.

We will remind, Ukrainians may lose their “EuroBLECH”

And Politeka wrote that the drivers are preparing the ban, which will change everything

Also Politeka reported that car owners expect svargaloka for old cars