Scandal new bill with an error introduced: how to look and what will happen to the money

Скандал, новые купюры с ошибкой пустили в оборот: как выглядят и что будет с деньгами

The turnover produced 46 million banknotes, at the printing of which the error committed

Banknotes with an error printed in February 2018 and seven months later released into circulation.

The reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has produced a turnover of 46 million banknotes in denominations of $ 50 is misspelled. The Bank officially confirmed this information, reports the BBC.

So, the mistake was made in the word “responsibility” in microprint on the obverse of the banknote, which quoted the first female Deputy on the continent, Edith Cowan. Instead of the word responsibility it flaunts the word responsibilit.

Скандал, новые купюры с ошибкой пустили в оборот: как выглядят и что будет с деньгами

Error detected by one of the listeners of Australian radio station Triple M, who posted a message on her Instagram page of the radio station.

The representative of the RBA noted that the reserve Bank of Australia aware of the issue, it will be fixed when printing the next issue of banknotes in the next few months.

“The process of rendering and printing banknotes is very complex and, despite we have strict quality control system, failures are possible. We have made several efforts to avoid such occurrence in future”, — said the representative of the Bank.

Скандал, новые купюры с ошибкой пустили в оборот: как выглядят и что будет с деньгами

Updated bill worth 50 dollars came into circulation in Australia in October last year. It has improved protection against counterfeiting.

Earlier it was reported that the NBU revealed the particulars of its future policy on the financial market. This is stated in the NBU report on the introduction of measures of protection, which was published on the official portal of the state regulator. The document says that current protection measures in the foreign exchange market are relevant for maintaining macroeconomic and financial stability.

The NBU also noted that the regulator in the future will continue the gradual liberalization of the currency market launched in 2016 after the stabilization of the financial system and the return of Ukraine’s economy to growth, therefore, may soon be abolished all restrictions on the foreign exchange market

We will remind, it became known as the blow destroyed the banking system of Ukraine: “the noose around the neck”.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank urgently reported the write-off of money from the card.

Also Politeka wrote that the national Bank gave a tough forecast for the Ukrainians: the belt will have to tighten even more.