Scandal in the Kremlin: family spy Smolenkova mysteriously disappeared

Скандал в Кремле: семья шпиона Смоленкова таинственно исчезла

The family of Oleg Smolenkova, a former employee of the Russian presidential administration, whom the media called the possible contender for the role of the violin in the new spy scandal has decided to urgently leave his mansion in Stafford, Virginia (USA)

Reason for the defection of the Russian “CIA agent” was the unexpected visit of the journalist of the edition Daily Beast, as told to Greg Tully is the owner of the neighbouring house, opposite the “spy” of the mansion. A local resident told I could see the following picture. The journalist was sitting in his car, but the family Smolenkova “saw him, went in the house and after 15 seconds have gone on both machines. And that’s all,” added the eyewitness.

Скандал в Кремле: семья шпиона Смоленкова таинственно исчезла

We will remind that on September 9, CNN reported that in 2017 from Moscow was taken very valuable by an informed agent. It happened right after meeting Donald trump with foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov. The channel assures that the CIA supposedly worried that the U.S. leader was given the identity of an important informant.

CIA spokesman made a statement and called the information to local media “wrong.”

Скандал в Кремле: семья шпиона Смоленкова таинственно исчезла

Later the Russian media began to suggest that the agent of the United States to Russian rule could be some Oleg Malenkov, who, after a family vacation in 2017 in Montenegro disappeared. And on the eve reporters found “unfortunate” the mansion in Virginia, who a year earlier had presumably bought people with the same last name, spouse which by a strange coincidence the same name as the missing wife Smolenkova.

Скандал в Кремле: семья шпиона Смоленкова таинственно исчезла

Скандал в Кремле: семья шпиона Смоленкова таинственно исчезла

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Press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed the possible secret informant of Washington in the Kremlin, stressing that he had no contact with Putin and did not attend the meetings with him.

“I don’t know if he was or not. I only can confirm that was indeed the incumbent administration, and that he was subsequently dismissed”, — said Peskov, answering the question, could Smolenkov to be a CIA agent.

Earlier it was reported that Smolenkov could be “one of the key informants”, including “intervention”, but at the end of 2016, after emergence in mass media of information about the intelligence sources in the Kremlin, the Americans began to think about his transfer, which was done in 2017.

It is clarified that the spy could even photograph documents on the Desk of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

We will remind, the Kremlin retaliated Ukraine for his spy-diplomat: the booming scandal.

As reported Politeka, a couple of “gay GRU”: the network has fun adventures poisoners Skripal in Salisbury.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin is ready to launch a military operation in Ukraine, the statement appeared: “stop waiting”.