Scandal in the bus: the pensioner showed how to race for free (VIDEO)

Скандал в маршрутке: пенсионерка показала, как нужно ездить бесплатно (ВИДЕО)

Marshrutchik need to take only one, and their weapons, arrogance.

This conflict erupted in the bus. One of the passengers photographed the events and posted on Instagram. The cause of the scandal — free transportation of preferential categories of citizens. While monetization of social benefits in transport exists only in words, the pensioner decided to take advantage of anyone not abolished the right to free travel. Did it energetically, in our opinion. According to the communication of the passenger and the driver “see” they are not for the first time. Marshrutchiki hand blocked the way for the lady. The one without emotion, made clear, and the driver and all passengers that the retreat is not intended to and will travel in the bus is still free.

While the driver lost his temper, a man who watched the skirmish paid for the woman. That, I must say, “charity”, without saying a word, took for granted. Whatever it was, his pensioner have passed, saving money.

Social network users commenting on the incident, divided. Someone scolded the driver, saying that if it is necessary — take. Someone on the contrary, resented the assertiveness of older ladies.

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