Scandal in Parliament: the people’s Deputy tried to “hang”, the shame he saw all

Скандал в Верховной Раде: нардепа пытались "повесить", этот позор увидели все

During the session of the Verkhovna Rada on 16 may, the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Kaplin threw a loop for hanging

This moment was recorded by photographer Jan Dobronogov, he posted the picture on his page on the social network.

According to the information loop for gallows Caplin dumped MP Michael Cooper.

Скандал в Верховной Раде: нардепа пытались "повесить", этот позор увидели все

We will add that Sergey Kaplin during a speech from the parliamentary tribune said that allows the Vladimir Zelensky to dissolve the Parliament in which no coalition, announced its withdrawal from the faction of the BPP.

This is not the first attack on Caplin. In October he poured feces during organized a rally under the walls of the Cabinet.

Kaplin is not only odious politician, but a person. Recently, the network appeared the photographs, confirming the intimate relationship of the MP with his former fitness coach, Secretary of Poltava city Council Alexander Samatau.

A joint picture on which both men lying in bed, watched the politician on his mobile phone during his working trip to Odessa. This photo clearly confirms homosexual MP, who was the politician denies.

Скандал в Верховной Раде: нардепа пытались "повесить", этот позор увидели все

Earlier ex-wife Margaret Kaplin stated that Grog is a sex partner of MP, it is the relationship with him was the reason for the divorce 5 years ago.

According to the newspaper, the MP has two children-students — mark (9 years) and Leroy (11 years).

Note that may 16, Rada considered and set the date for the inauguration of the new President. She was appointed on may 20. From Zelensky was dissatisfied with this decision of people’s deputies, as this is the first day of the working week, which would also prevent international partners to come to the celebration.

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