Scandal in Kiev oblast: at the whim of the regional Council region six months living without a budget

Скандал в Киевской области: из-за прихоти облсовета область полгода живет без бюджета

The lack of an accepted regional budget in the Kiev region 2019 is caused by the desire of regional Council to extend several diagrams. But this leads to extremely negative consequences

As writes the edition “My Kyiv”, at the meeting of chairmen of fractions, which was conducted by the Chairman of the regional Council Anna Starikov, came Chairman of the regional branch “Fatherland” Konstantin Bondarev.

He urged MPs to demand from the administration to budget 84 million “Deputy” means (a million to each of its members for “parliamentary work”) and another 500 million on the parliamentary district through communal predprijatija.

In the Kiev regional state administration has opposed such a distribution of money in the hands of deputies. Moreover, in 2018 the accounting chamber in its report determined that the Deputy means (then gave away 500 thousand hryvnia each) do not match the target use of budgetary funds.

This led to the deceleration of the budget process in the region, resulting in the Kiev region lives without a budget for six months.