Scandal in Hollywood, James Van Der Beek revealed that he had also been sexually abused – Here

New testimony about the sexual scandals which stir up the Hollywood hills. On Twitter, the actor James Van Der Beek revealed that he had also suffered touching, and talking dirty to older men, and powerful in its infancy.

Each day brings its share of revelations in the scandal that has shaken the Hollywood hills. At the centre of this awful affair : the ultra-powerful producer Harvey Weinstein. For decades, the nabob, the Seventh art has exploited his professional position to satisfy her inexhaustible thirst for sexual. Predator without embarrassment, the man did forbade nothing, offering the bunch of actresses, models and other employees, and regardless of whether they were consenting or not.

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This all started from a survey published by the New York Times in which the actress Ashley Judd told us that twenty years ago, when she was invited by Harvey Weinstein for a working breakfast, he had made up in his hotel room and received in a bathrobe. He was then asked if he could massage it or if she could watch him take a shower. According to the New York Times, Harvey Weinstein bought the silence of his victims. He would have paid $ 100,000 to the actress Rose McGowan (Scream, saga produced by… Miramax) in 1997 to avoid prosecution. Since other actresses are the outputs of silence : Angelina Jolie, Emma de Caunes and yet Léa Seydoux yesterday in the Guardian…

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On Twitter, there are a few hours of this, the actor James Van Der Beek has sentenced Harvey Weinstein ” What he has done is criminal, said the star of Dawson. I applaud anyone who takes the word. “What he ends up doing a few minutes later revealing to have – also – suffered sexual assaults in its infancy.

I’ve had my ass grabbed by an older, powerful men, I’ve had them corner me in inappropriate sexual conversations when I was much younger…

— James Van Der Beek (@vanderjames) October 12, 2017

“Me too, old men powerful me groping the buttocks and made me heavy sexual innuendo when I was younger,” said the actor […] I know what it is to be ashamed of, to be powerless in this situation. There are some powers that seem impossible to overcome. “Impossible… Until today !

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