“Scalped”: a lioness mauled a family with children at the zoo

«Сняла скальп»: львица растерзала семью с детьми в зоопарке

Predatory animal suddenly attacked the people who came to the zoo

The tragic accident occurred in the city, you’ll be (South Africa), there is at the local zoo lioness disfigured a small child.

A family with children came to the lion farm Weltevrede to see wild animals. The head of the family with 4-year-old daughter came to the paddock with a lioness. Suddenly, the lion in one fell swoop jumped over the fence and grabbed the little girl in the head, reports IOL News.

«Сняла скальп»: львица растерзала семью с детьми в зоопарке

The predator literally removed from the head girl’s scalp.

The injured child was immediately hospitalized by helicopter to the hospital. The child was put into an artificial coma and had a craniotomy. Doctors assess the girl’s condition as severe.

As told by the father of the affected child, now that her daughter has recovered, it is necessary for a long time. The man himself was injured only slightly.

Administration of the lion’s farm, the incident called the incident “an accident” and the blame lays on the parents of the child. The guide stresses that warned all visitors of the danger and strongly not recommended to come close to the enclosures containing wild animals.

As reported earlier, during a speech in the circus suddenly a huge lion attacked the trainer. The incident happened in occupied Luhansk.

There local circus room with predatory animals showed Egyptian trainer Hamad Kuta. Suddenly something went wrong, as intended. The lion did not obey the command of man, and lashed out and knocked the trainer.

«Сняла скальп»: львица растерзала семью с детьми в зоопарке

The Egyptians were injured in the arms, legs and back. However, found the strength to get up and finish the room.

It is reported that the audience was very frightened by the attack of a lion. Many parents even tried in a panic to withdraw their children from the hall.

The trainer explained the aggressive behavior of your pet that animals were under stress due to climate change. The lions were nervous and poorly performed team. Only the militant-controlled city was brought ten lions.

Recall that in the capital of Kenya, a lion attacked a man near a busy road (video).

As reported Politeka, he killed 22-year-old beauty at the zoo: details terrible emergency.

Also Politeka wrote that a dangerous predator chooses children: “two cases in a week.”