SBU warned about a large-scale cyber attack in the country

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The security service warned that government agencies and private companies of Ukraine is preparing a new wave of large-scale cyberattacks.

“The main goal is to disrupt regular functioning of the information systems that could destabilize the situation in the country”, – declared in SBU.

According to intelligence agencies, the attack can be done through software update.

Suggest that the mechanism is similar cyber attacks in June 2017.

In the Ministry suggest to copy information from computers, update software, update the antivirus program.

At the end of June a large-scale hacker attack caused chaos in the Ukrainian banks, hospitals and government agencies, and then spread around the world.

The police and the IT company announced that it has been infected with a virus, Petya.A. Spread the virus through the update.

Secretary of the national security Council and defense Oleksandr Turchynov was then called the cyber component of the hybrid war waged by Russia against Ukraine.

The SBU said that it has evidence of Russia’s involvement in the cyber attack. Moscow denied any involvement, calling such claims groundless.

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