SBU uncovered a blatant land scheme in Odessa: stealing from the state

СБУ раскрыла наглую земельную схему в Одессе: воровали у государства

The security service of Ukraine stopped a brazen land scheme of group of swindlers in Odessa

Employees of the security Service of Ukraine together with the Prosecutor’s office of Donetsk region stopped the illegal activities of the group of state registrars, the former employees of the state architectural and construction Inspectorate and officials of the justice bodies of the Odessa region, reported on the official website of the SBU.

СБУ раскрыла наглую земельную схему в Одессе: воровали у государства

The operatives of intelligence agencies in the course of investigative and operational activities has determined that in 2017, the employee of the Main Directorate of justice of Ukraine in Odessa region, together with former heads of State architectural construction inspection in Odessa region established a system of registration of fictitious enterprises. Using illegally obtained keys to access the State registers, the organizers of the transaction without the consent of the owners of alienated land, real estate and corporate law.

СБУ раскрыла наглую земельную схему в Одессе: воровали у государства

They were systematically submitted false information to state databases, used forged documents, seals, letterheads and stamps of enterprises, institutions and organizations of different ownership forms. Employees of SB of Ukraine has documented that from July 2017 to August 2018 on the basis of the statements made on behalf of the dead raider group, there were more than 300 registration actions relative to the renewal of real estate on the territory of Ukraine, including in Donetsk, Luhansk oblasts and THE Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

СБУ раскрыла наглую земельную схему в Одессе: воровали у государства

Transactions carried out for clients and in the interest of the defendants in the proceedings. In addition, the organizers of the fraudulent transactions and they control the artists relationship to illegal building in Odessa, Hobbies building complexes, land plots and other immovable property. They also carried out arbitrary arrests lifting property. Victims from actions of malefactors are physical and legal persons and state bodies.

In the framework of the open criminal proceedings under part 2 St. 364 Criminal code of Ukraine conducted a number of searches at the place of registration of utilities and accommodation of the participants in the fraudulent transaction. During investigative actions seized numerous evidence of illegal actions.

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