SBU in the Zaporozhye found a cache of explosives

СБУ в Запорожье нашла тайник со взрывчаткой

The hiding place found in one abandoned unfinished. Seized nearly two kilograms of plastique and two f-1 grenades with fuses.

Employees of the security Service of Ukraine in the framework of a set of measures to combat illicit arms trafficking and preventing terrorist and sabotage activities found in Zaporozhye a cache with explosives. On Saturday, July 7, the press service of the Ministry.

From a hiding place, which was a abandoned in one of the unfinished projects in the residential area of the city, law enforcement officers seized almost two kilograms of plastic explosives and two grenades f-1 fuzes.

The withdrawn subjects are directed on examination. The operatives of intelligence agencies to verify information on the possible use of the seized weapons to destabilize the situation in the region.

Criminal proceedings are begun.



Earlier in the forest near the village of Razdol’noye, Luhansk region law enforcement authorities found a large cache of weapons.


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