Savings of $ 1.8 million related to the mild winter

guylaine-boutin-directrice-service-entretien(Sherbrooke) The hot and rainy winter that ended in March has been so mild that allowed savings of $ 1.8 million in snow removal activities against budgeted amounts to the City of Sherbrooke. It will cost nearly $ 7.8 million to ensure the safety of Sherbrooke on the roads last winter.

Guylaine Boutin, director of maintenance and service roads to the City of Sherbrooke, explains that $ 1.1 million is recognized in the financial year ended 31 December 2015. “For now, we are ahead of $ 700,000 in the 2016 budget ”

Among the highlights of the winter season, December counted 27 days of temperatures above 0. In April, temperature records are the opposite, while 26 days have seen the mercury to drop below freezing. In all, only 156 centimeters of snow fell on the ground, roughly the same amount in 2011-2012. In comparison, this figure is less than 101 cm to the average of last five years. The rainfall, however, was three times higher than the average of the last five years.

“There’s $ 800,000 savings that come abrasive and another big saving comes from the fact that we did not need to make snow pickup. These are two activities which is very expensive. We used 13% less abrasive salt and 25% less abrasive stones. ”

Indeed, 75% less snow was trucked in snow deposits.

“We had far fewer outputs of our equipment in November and December. We continued installation of culverts, ditch cleaning, repair the streets. From January to March, we did not need to hire outside contractors to come and help us butcher of potholes. This year, we did everything in-house to keep the state network. ”

Finally, the City began implementing a location technology for snow removal equipment. It was configured on all plows sidewalks, but needs to be installed on the spreader trucks. “It tracks the operations are much like the air traffic controllers who follow the aircraft. Managers know the position of all the facilities in the territory. ”

This technology will confirm that snow removal operations meet the service levels specified in the urban policy.

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