Saturday morning the Mayor: an appointment just ran

directeur-general-commerce-tourisme-granby(Granby) Even if only a handful of citizens turned out at the Saturday morning the Mayor Bonin on trade in Granby, Pascal Bonin considers “interesting points have nevertheless emerged from the discussion.”

“It is certain that this was not the assistance that I expected, has he confessed in an interview after the meeting. People who do not report to make improvements have no right to complain if it does not work as they wish. They simply coming to give their opinion. ”

A dozen people have moved to address the points that stood to them. The Mayor also launched ideas that could possibly emerge.

“I run it like this: one could create a kind of charter of traders, which would force them to comply with regulations to make the city center more attractive. It’s an avenue to consider, he says. It is the image of the municipality. In Burlington, they have something in the genre and it works well. ”

A large meeting of traders should be convened shortly to develop regulations that should be respected.

The Granby Zoo is undoubtedly a major magnet for tourists, attracting between 650,000 and 750,000 visitors a year. Pascal Bonin wants to bring some of them to stretch their stay in the municipality. “We have to break that mold that has persisted for many years, a family that arrives in the morning, eating his sandwiches for lunch and leaves the night. We must be able to show them that there are other attractions here, “he says.

New shops

Also present at the meeting, the Director General of Trade and Tourism Granby region, Sylvain Gervais, wanted to know more about the needs of citizens as new businesses.

“There are people here who have to go elsewhere to find what they want. Me my mission is to attract new businesses and say, “come here, there is a potential, people have these needs and you might come fill, there is a market for that.” So I took all the suggestions noted and I followed to see the feasibility. ”

The Granby residents may send email to their needs Sylvain Gervais. “Sometimes you sow today for the next two to four years they open a banner here,” says CEO.

The debate ended quickly. No, there will be no Costco in Granby. “The market is too small for that,” he confirms.

“We must also think of the traders here who would suffer,” added Councillor Julie Bourdon.

A citizen of a certain age was noted that there was little or no shops for older clients. “We, in retirement, we have time to shop. And yet I find that we have no choice, especially in clothing, “she says, adding that she sometimes went to St. Hyacinthe for shopping.

Another says some traders do not make enough efforts to create a close relationship with their clients. “Me, I do not mind making a detour to an establishment if I know I will be well received, as I have a good service,” he says.

Mandate Trade and tourism Granby-area

Sylvain Gervais explained that trade and tourism Granby area and had a multifaceted mandate.

The organization must of course promote regional attractions and take care of the busy downtown Granby, but also support traders in various steps.

“If someone wants to open a business, we will help and support at every stage, providing advice, explains the CEO. If another wants to move or expand a business, it can also be good consultants. ”

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