Sara Forestier clashe Raphaël Enthoven, who responds to him by making him a course of philo – Here

Sara Forestier has not appreciated the reaction of Raphaël Enthoven after its passage without make-up in the issuance of Léa Salamé, Amazing. The clash took an unexpected turn with the response of the philosopher to the attacks of the actress.

Get out your notebooks. Today Raphaël Enthoven, decided to discuss with Sara Forestier the importance of makeup in society. Everything is gone from the appearance to the natural of the actress in Amazing, the issuance of Léa Salamé on France 2. A gesture activist Sara Forestier, who said he wanted to fight against the injunctions to “be sexy, be glamorous” for actresses : “But a woman isn’t it. “

Sara Forestier wondered why she should be ” sexy in photos “, the subject has to react, Raphael Enthoven. At the micro Europe 1, the former Carla Bruni had pointed out “the error of Sara Forestier” which was ” to believe that she is not wearing makeup when she’s not wearing makeup “. The philosopher wanted to put forward a posture of the actress who, ” with his big sweater and its rings “, ” was not least made-up, nor the less prepared, or more sincere, or less disguised, that Léa Salamé “.

A notice of controversy and it has not failed to respond to the interested main. On Twitter, Sara Forestier was not shown tender in its reply to Raphaël Enthoven : “I’ve never talked about superficiality in the make-up. Or of veracity in the no make-up. I was talking about the concept of choice. And injunction. “In a second tweet, the actor left burst his anger :” Because to you everything is posture mine has the merit of having been chosen.”

A response stinging which Raphaël Enthoven has reacted in a long post published on Facebook. Without no limit of character, the teacher of philosophy has had any opportunity to clarify the background of his thought : “Far be it from me to challenge you for the right to show you without makeup (myself, it happens to me all the days) “. Quoting Nietzsche and Rousseaun Raphaël Enthoven has explained to Sara Forestier his column on Europe 1.

A chronicle which was not a personal attack to the philosopher, who simply wanted to say ” that a mask always hides another.” Good professor, he immediately clarified : “what is it mean ? If you scan the appearances, this is not the truth which appears, but the appearance of the truth ! “Raphaël Enthoven is then prohibited to have conducted an attack as a man against Sara Forestier. At the conclusion of his post, he has invited the actress to meet him. After the next episode…

And my response to his response : Dear Sara Forestier, Far be it from me to challenge you for the right to show you without…

Posted by Raphaël Enthoven on Friday, November 10, 2017

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