Sangjan this year will switch to electric public transport

China continues to fight pollution. Cities EN masse are switching to alternative energy sources and “green” machines. On the eve of the government of Shenzhen said that this year the metropolis will completely abandon public transport with internal combustion engines in favor of electric.

The Shenzhen government expects that the use of electric public transport will help to effectively fight environmental pollution. For now, residents of the metropolis is available about 14, 000 buses. Diesel buses in Shenzhen there are only a few hundred, and this year they catch up with to replace “green” machines.

A large portion of the buses in Sanjan comes brand BYD. At the same time, the city has its own company that produces such a transport, and it is also used in the city.

The company BYD is a manufacturer of electrical machines No. 1 in China. Already in 2011, the brand had a full-fledged prototype of the “green” bus. The problem of pollution of environment has existed in China for many years and due to the large population. Residents are using a transport with internal combustion engines, which greatly pollutes the atmosphere. Also the situation is aggravated by by coal power plants.

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