Samuel Etienne has “broken two ribs” by participating in Fort Boyard – Here

Samuel Etienne is an adventurer-in-training. For its third participation at Fort Boyard, the facilitator is injured during an event.

Fort Boyard, this is the nice game of the summer, which agree for all the families that are fighting on Saturday night for the remote control. And if it looks funny in front of the tv, in real life it is quite complicated. To participate and to harvest a maximum of boyars, he should give of his person. The candidate with the most sexy need to systematically rub-proof cylinders, they also receive bêbêtes in the neckline, budding adventurers face their fears and the most terrible. In short, the world beyond.

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For his third stint in the broadcast of France 2, Samuel Stephen therefore knew roughly what he was waiting for her. And yet, while there is no shortage of stamina, the host of ” Questions for a champion was not quite ready. “As I think of sports, I’m going to the flower in the rifle, but I am so distracted that it looks like Pierre Richard ! “, he said in an interview to Le Parisien. And a tall blond with a black shoe in the corridors of Fort Boyard, it doesn’t give you an olympic champion but rather a serious contender for the most beautiful cascade of the history of the game. Samuel Etienne tried to clinch the title, ” I fell, I banged my… I even broke two ribs. “, he explained.

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And this is not his war injuries, which will give up, the young dad has not said its last word in the face of the Father Fouras. It is already voluntary for the next year, it will be “sharper physically” to succeed in a maximum number of trials, and avoid a new crossing by the hospital. But in the end, this mishap allows him to add a new line to his CV already well supplied. Journalist, presenter of the game… and now a stuntman ! A plus for the tv.

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