Salaries of medical specialists: Barrette calls for reflection

25-medecins-mieux-remuneres-quebecImpressed by the remuneration of certain doctors, the health minister, Gaétan Barrette, called the Federation of Medical Specialists (FMSQ) to a “reflection” of fare levels and management.

According to him, there is no justification that a doctor earns much, has he said, taking the example of Ontario where other exorbitant incomes were the subject of reports.

The minister was responding to an article in La Presse revealed that obstetrician-gynecologist had billed more than $ 2.4 million in 2015 . We learn that the 25 highest paid doctors in Quebec last year are all specialists and total remuneration of nearly $ 50 million.

During a press conference before joining the meeting of the Liberal caucus Wednesday morning Gaétan Barrette said these amounts were still “impressive”. He described them as “very, very high.”

He believes that these data demonstrate that the catch-up compared to colleagues in other provinces is done.

He said he returned to the FMSQ to make the necessary adjustments in its envelopes, but suggested that the ceiling had been set up, the time when he himself was president of the federation.

For his part, Amir Khadir, Québec Solidaire, said the figures were “scandalous”. He called for a reform of the method of remuneration of doctors.

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