Salaries have skyrocketed! The Ukrainians said the good news! Incredible figures

Зарплаты взлетели! Украинцам сообщили радостную новость! Невероятные цифры

Ukraine has increased the average wage

The average nominal salary of full-time Ukrainian worker in March of current year has grown in comparison with March of last year, 22.1% – to UAH 10237. About it writes TCH with reference to the State statistics service.

The article said that compared with February the average salary in March rose by 8.6%. While real wages in March 2019, compared with February rose by 7.6% as compared to March last year – 12.5%.

Зарплаты взлетели! Украинцам сообщили радостную новость! Невероятные цифры

According to the state statistics Committee, the average nominal salary of full-time employee in Ukraine in March of this year, 2.5 times higher than the minimum wage, which is UAH 4173. At the end of March, the average salary in Kiev was UAH 16207.

In 2014 the average salary in Ukraine amounted to 3,2 thousand UAH, since then, every year this amount is growing: in 2015 to 3.5 thousand UAH, in 2016 – 4,4 thousand UAH, in 2017 – 6 thousand UAH (it was the most significant increase by 37.7% compared to the previous year), 2018 7.7 thousand UAH.

Of course, you need to recognize that the situation is sadder if you look at the average monthly salary in dollars. In 2014, the Ukrainians received an average of $ 396,37., and in 2015 – already 219,09 dollars, in 2016 – 183,43 dollars, in 2017 225,10 dollars, in 2018 276,48 dollars.

The rate of inflation in Ukraine are not as high as, for example, in 2015 (43.3 per cent). As of 2018 the inflation rate was 9.8%, the lowest figure for the last five years.

Зарплаты взлетели! Украинцам сообщили радостную новость! Невероятные цифры

The average salary in Ukraine as of January this year amounted to 9.2 thousand UAH (333,08 in dollar terms). More just in January earning in Kiev – 13.7 thousand UAH, in second place-Donetsk oblast – UAH 10 thousand, the third – in Kiev, 9,7 thousand UAH. The lowest average salary in the beginning of this year in the Chernivtsi region – only 7 thousand UAH.

We will remind, what keeps a third of the economy of Ukraine: “this was not 10 years.”

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians made up the lion’s share of foreign workers in Lithuania.

Also Politeka wrote that about a million Ukrainian citizens have emigrated to Poland.