Saint Methodius airport: work will begin in June

refection-piste-amelioration-eclairage-estimeesThe chairman of the intermunicipal board of Saint Methodius airport, Mario Fortin, patient until June before starting repair work of the track, the time to obtain grants from Quebec and Ottawa.

“We can not go further than that. We want the work will be done in the fall, no question of it again in 2017. It’s a safety issue, “he firmly says.

The ball is in the camp of the governments that have a little over a month to make their decision to fund part of the work valued at $ five million. Programs framing this type of work seems very rare. “We explored different tracks with policy, there are opportunities in some programs. We are waiting for answers. Our requests were made, “said the magistrate.

The board is not completely dependent on subsidies. They would be welcome.

The annual income from the blueberry guarantee of about $ 300,000 per year income.

A borrowing bylaw was voted to fund the work. The reconstruction of the runway and lighting improvements are estimated at $ 3.5 million. A sum of $ 1.5 million will be injected to rebuild the terminal facilities and access to the track.

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