Saguenay Mayor Arthur Gobeil advanced thinking

arthur-gobeil-pourrait-presenter-mairieUnless a turnaround, the next race in the Saguenay town hall will take place at least under the sign of a struggle to three. The chartered accountant and chairman of the board of the Society of Aluminum Valley (SVA) for 12 years, Arthur Gobeil, is thinking.

If it deems too early to officially announce his candidacy, Arthur Gobeil are thinking in a very serious and is already working on a draft electoral program. The retired from the accounting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, for whom he still performs terms as councilor, would be independent. During the exclusive interview with the Sunday-Saturday Progress, who also carries the treasurer of the Industrial Cluster hat Quebec and director of Port Saguenay, has repeatedly insisted on its independence.

“I want to come up with a new vision and a different approach. I am aware that if I can be independent, it will hurt the current structures. I have several ideas in mind and I’m here to make things happen, as I have done in any organization where I was involved in my life. I’m not here to criticize. I want to develop the city. Saguenay has exceptional potential and I want to exploit it, “argued Arthur Gobeil, met at his home.

The Baieriverain 67 years says also animated by the desire to bring harmony, friendliness and cordiality of trade in the town hall. He refuses to think critically about the Tremblay administration, as he is careful to make comments with regard to the Democratic Renewal Team (ERD). Incumbents were duly elected, tip one who believes that each party working on its way. That said, Arthur Gobeil Saguenay believes that voters need renewal and will favor the emergence of an independent.

“What I do today is full of daring. Most members of my professional colleagues are not even aware. If I go, that’s what we’ll have in the program. I am able to think critically. People who know me know that if they consult me, they will have a straight answer, “says Arthur Gobeil, which is defined as” an ambitious guy. ” The trained accountant says that his application would be apolitical, to the extent that, if elected mayor of Saguenay, he does not intend to stick to a provincial or federal party in particular.

A Facebook page launched soon
Arthur Gobeil does not hide the fact that the output of today essentially aims to take the pulse of the people and to measure its support.

If he had had the last word, the prospective candidate would probably not open his game so early, 18 months before the election. Now the group of business people and stakeholders of the regional socio-economic area which convinced him to start thinking about fifteen people in all, believed the time had come to make the public process. After the publication of this text, a Facebook page will be launched. The reaction of Chicoutimi will be decisive for the next steps.


Arthur Gobeil does not reveal the identity of members of the “Committee” which has set the goal of finding an alternative to the Party of the citizens of Saguenay (PCS) and the ERD for voters who exercise their right to vote in municipal elections in 2017. the band were very favorable choice of Arthur Gobeil, who knows the economic sector on the tip of his fingers and who understands the issues related to regional development. This is the same man named Chair of the Monitoring Committee to implement the recommendations issued at the Economic Summit last year. Arthur Gobeil is given six months to deliver the fruits of his reflection.

In terms of the PCS, the party has not yet unveiled its future flagship. We know that Mayor Jean Tremblay announced he would not seek re-election next year. As for the ERD councilor Josée Nero was officially named party leader last fall and will be the race.

Who is Arthur Gobeil?
• Chartered Accountant retiree Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

• As Associate Consultant, he is involved in the implementation and supervision of certification mandates with various organizations and companies.

• CA President of the Society of the Aluminum Valley (SVA).

• Director of Port Saguenay.

• Treasurer of the Air Defence Museum Bagotville.

• Formerly involved in the regional tourism association (ATR), the Regional Council for consultation and development of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (CRCD) and the Chamber of Commerce.

• Coming from a family of eight children, married, father of three sons and grandfather of three grandchildren.

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