Saguenay Jazz Festival and Blues: Jacques Dube already preparing 2017

presence-artistes-populaires-comme-johnnySaguenay Jazz and Blues Festival appears increasingly as an important tourism product, according to his spokesman, Jacques Dube, which can only be satisfied with this 21th edition, which was a ‘impressive’ traffic.

The week of festivities ended Saturday night with the spectacle of John Pizzarelli at the Théâtre National Bank in Chicoutimi, where almost all the seats were occupied. “Completing the TBN like that, it is really a success, says Mr. Dubé Sunday in a telephone interview. It reached a record this year in rooms that were fully booked. We also saw lots of queues. ”

The organizers stressed that the presence of artists like the popular guitarist Forrest Angel or Johnny Clegg attracts Three Rivers lovers, Quebec City or Montreal, who travel specifically. For this last singer, who assured the opening of the festival, Jacques Dubé does not hide his pride. “It is a masterstroke. People have talked about it all week, it’s been outstanding. ”

Although the team has learned with disappointment that in January the American group Los Lobos could not be part of the program, she realized that the class was still present and high. “The fans have seen it like that too. There is no impact on traffic, said Mr. Dubé. The excellence of the artists and the presence of the public were waiting for you. ”

According to the spokesman, the Jazz and Blues Festival has shown its willingness to develop new customers, younger, with the dome fitted in the heart of downtown Chicoutimi where were presented several free shows. Another experience that was “conclusive” is the coming of Disney Jazz, aimed this time especially children. “There was a nice interaction, some even came in costume.”

While the organization already has her nose in her books for the 22nd edition from 4 to 9 April and that some approaches have been tried, Jacques Dubé says that “more than ever, artists are happy to come and come back.” Another proof that the festival is “on track.”

Fifty-three shows were held in 13 venues during the week. Data compilation was not completed Sunday, but remember that 26 582 people were recorded last year.

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