Saguenay Affairs bike: more members and more activities

representants-club-velo-affaires-saguenayAfter a downward slope, the Club Vélo Saguenay Affairs (VAS) again on a roll this year, with nearly 60 members who combine business with pleasure wheelchair while developing their network of contacts.

Founded in 2007, the agency was losing speed, so that the leaders have revised the formula to better meet the expectations of their members. “The first element of the club is not the bike, but the creation of a network of business contacts. The bike becomes an accessory to get there, nuance club president, Steve Potvin, stating that the VAS is not in competition with other cyclists or social clubs. “We have a different mandate. The club caters to business and our goal is to have the most of business owners and people connected to the business world. It’s a bit complementary to existing social clubs. It is an active social club, “he added with a touch of humor.

Club officials find that the business environment is changing and that the expectations of younger people are different. “We wanted to create something closer to them. We also see a change in habits in terms of business contact networks. Historically, it was the golf tournaments that were the traditional way, “says Mr. Potvin stating that the club is not focused on cycling performance.


For the new season that began Wednesday afternoon, the VAS has created three platoons will roll at different speeds (23-24 km / h, 25-27 km / h and 28-29 km / h) to allow everyone to find his account. “We ended up associated with the elite. Last summer we did a mea culpa and this year there will be three separate platoons speeds. two outs in the summer we also added, “says Potvin President at a press conference. “We set a target forty members and it completely exploded with nearly 60 members!”

The club offers an output a month, the second Wednesday of each month from May to September. Two outlets, one in June and one in July, has been added to allow the largest number of members to ride despite the holiday period.

The distances vary between 50 and 70 km and the journey changes every time. The Chicoutimi Golf Club is the point of departure and arrival of the group and security is a priority. This year the club will have access to health club facilities before being invited to a dinner served at the Chicoutimi Golf Club just foster links between members. “We have members of all the professions, including many business owners,” said the president.

Members are entitled to a guest during an outing. At a press conference, one of the guests last year, Isabelle Simard Gaz Metro so loved the experience it has joined the club.

“I met more business owners and it’s where I made appropriate contacts for me,” argued the cyclist who also want to combine business with pleasure.

“It’s a nice way to do business and you have to follow the current. More and more people begin to drive. 5-10 years ago, there were not as many people were riding bikes in Saguenay. Now it is becoming more common, “she adds.

Those interested in joining the club can find complete information on the Facebook page “Bike Business Saguenay.”

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