Sags of players become sellers

nicolas-roy-telephone-plusieurs-partisansChicoutimi holders of season tickets, do not fall down your chair if Nicolas Roy phone you renew your annual subscription. Since Monday through Wednesday, the players on the team have a mandate to take the pulse of the supporters of the team with the aim of a possible commitment for next season.

In addition to Roy, Nicolas Guay, Julio Billia, Timothy Simard, Xavier Potvin, Marc-André Gauvreau and Julien Carignan served the fans on Monday. Upon transition Daily, Roy, and Guay were Billia calls, while the other took care of the reception in the lobby of the Georges-Vézina Center. Renald Nepton also put their shoulders to the wheel. Obviously, the administrative assistant, the indefatigable Diane Simard, was at his post.

“Athletes tend to come off of their team when the season ends, but here we want to do the opposite, explained the coordinator of communications and promotions in Chicoutimi, Sebastien Morin. Many are still in the area because of the school, so we also want to keep them involved in the entourage of the team. ”

According to preliminary phone calls made, the results seem quite positive. Moreover, as the players that supporters liked the idea.

“They chatter with people and there are a couple who are happy to talk to us, mentioned Nicolas Roy. I even had a 10-minute discussion with the second person I called. Supporters come to us all season and it’s fun to have a different touch with them. ”

For his part, Nicolas Guay felt like a character in the film The Wolf of Wall Street succeeding telephone calls. Whoever would like to turn to the world of finance if ever his hockey career does not take the expected turn had also excellent batting average. The vast majority of supporters have confirmed that they were tempted to resume their season tickets for the 2016-2017 season.

“I think it’s a good idea (to call ourselves supporters), shared rookie who is doing particularly well in school. When people hear the name of a player on the phone, I think it encourages more to agree to renew their subscription. They see us on the ice, but they do not often have the chance to talk to us. This is a great opportunity to do that. ”

The Marquis, not a threat

Although Jonquière Marquis did a lot of attention in recent weeks because of the arrival of Richard Martel behind the bench, which was followed by a madness at the counters, the Chicoutimi were not felt this could have a negative impact on the sale of season tickets.

“Each team has its audience, pointed Sebastien Morin. We do not feel threatened the contrary. We are glad that the Marquis are successful at the box office and there is room for both organizations. ”

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