Sad Dobkin arrived at the Prosecutor and laugh Ukrainians: “What a disgusting…”

Грустный Добкин прибыл в ГПУ и насмешил украинцев:  «Какая отвратительная...»

In the Internet appeared the video, as the people’s Deputy Mykhailo Dobkin with the “sad face” arrived at the Prosecutor General’s office

About it reports “Cenzon.NO.”

“27 Aug, MP Mikhail Dobkin arrived to the GPU. To comment on the reason for his visit, the MP refused. However, a spokesman of the public Prosecutor Larisa Sargan comments noted that Dobkin is still in the status of MP and can freely pass in any state institution. However, she did not rule out that Dobkin is caused by the GPU in conducting any investigative actions”,- stated in the message.

Грустный Добкин прибыл в ГПУ и насмешил украинцев:  «Какая отвратительная...»

Note that users of the network, perceived behavior Dobkin caustic comments.

“Find your brother, and even smell”, “Poor form. Turning into a vegetable. Brouhaha mug …Prison the idea is for him”, “What a disgusting mug.”, — they write.

As previously reported, on Friday, July 5, a Deputy from the Opposition bloc Mikhail Dobkin wanted on the bike “for the first time to drive on the roads of Russia”. At the entrance of the Belgorod oblast people’s Deputy deployed, removing fingerprints and conducting a thorough inspection.

Грустный Добкин прибыл в ГПУ и насмешил украинцев:  «Какая отвратительная...»

“We came to the territory of the Russian Federation. Took fingerprints, photographed in full face and profile, was given a certificate and said “Sorry, it’s not us, but we can’t!” And that’s all the plans is over,” — said the politician. He did not specify which way he was arrested, but from the context it is clear that Dobkin was not allowed it was the Russians.

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Dobkin on his page on Facebook also confirmed the incident.

“Here’s the situation. But we are not so worried! Break through,” wrote Dobkin.

Earlier it was reported that the people’s Deputy Mikhail Dobkin and the Chairman of the party Strength and honor Igor Smeshko argued in a live television broadcast.

“You called, as an officer and the General, the party “Strength and honor”, and ponabirali there all evil. So tell me, why do you then so the party was called? You have there is Denisenko, who wrote a huge number of lies against me and family. Who was happy when I got the fire was in the house and is very upset that no one was killed,” — said Dobkin during the broadcast.

Грустный Добкин прибыл в ГПУ и насмешил украинцев:  «Какая отвратительная...»

Recall Dobkin spotted in Parliament for the unexpected exercise.

As reported Politeka, Dobkin attacked after the humiliation of the Ukrainian patriots.

Also Politeka wrote that Mikhail Dobkin rebelled against their “masters”.