SABSA survives thanks to an anonymous philanthropist

genereux-donateur-verse-130-000(Quebec) SABSA finally achieved his goal of $ 250,000 through the generous contribution of an anonymous donor, who paid an amount of $ 130,000. The cooperative without doctor, who also received a proposal from the Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, will therefore continue.

“The energy is at its peak here, we are completely estomaquées!” Exults in a statement Thursday morning the coordinator of the cooperative, Emmanuelle Lapointe.

On 31 May, The Hive Quebec had agreed to extend by one month the fundraising campaign, convinced of his chances of success.

“Save SABSA was the biggest campaign proposed to date on the platform. We are obviously very pleased to have taken the risk of extending the period for donations. It is a success in terms of finance because it is a great constructive demonstration of support of the population in the project. This demonstrates that together we can influence things, “analyzes the president of La Ruche, Simon Poitras.

In total, almost 900 donations ranging from $ to $ 130,000 5 were made on the socio-funding platform to save SABSA, which offers various awards in recognition. Besides the contribution of generous philanthropist, two people were given an amount of $ 5,000, and forty people have contributed for an amount of $ 250.

The walk-in clinic boulevard Charest will therefore resume the service in September, welcomes the nurse practitioner specializing Isabelle Tetu. “I’m really happy because we counted on 1,600 patients and they can sleep soundly, knowing that from now on we will continue our mission and continue to help them,” she commented.

The good news is accumulating SABSA, who also received an offer from the Minister Gaétan Barrette covering part of the costs of the cooperative activities. The official offer should be directed to the clinical team in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the cooperative is continuing its efforts and is developing its “strategic planning”. “We must understand that even if the funding target of $ 250,000 was achieved this year, efforts must be redoubled to find a long term solution. Even with the government’s proposal, we will assume a portion of the costs related to the management and operation of the clinic nearby, “says Emmanuelle Lapointe.

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