Sabrina Perquis : her son visiting her every week for “Secret Story” – Here

During her participation in Secret Story 5, Sabrina Perquis saw his son every week in the House of secrets. A right to visit that she had negotiated beforehand with the production.

In 2011, Sabrina Perquis participated in season 5 of “Secret Story” with the secret : “I live with the lungs of another. “Cf, the pretty blonde was also the mother of a little boy eight years old at the time. Remained during three months in the game, it was inconceivable for her not to see his child. What we didn’t know until now, is that she had negotiated upstream a right to visit with the production, so that his son could come and see during her day off.

Ignoring any of these meetings under surveillance, of internet users criticize him even today, having abandoned his son to participate in the program. “I was accused two days ago on Instagram, she told Purepeople. I had posted a photo of my son where I said that I was missing because it was ten days that he was with his dad. And I was told “don’t cry, you’re part of three months in Secret Story without seeing it.” “

Sabrina Perquis was therefore obliged to leave the things clear : “When I signed my contract, my son came to see me in the confessional every week. I’m not a party-mode “Go, I’ll leave you”. “Now that that is said.

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