Saakashvili explained why Zelensky lose the war with Russia: “Putin has decided…”

Саакашвили рассказал, почему Зеленский проиграет в войне с Россией: "Путин решил..."

When newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky will come to power, Ukraine will not be able to stand against full-scale attack Russia

During his interview to the Polish journalists, the former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili assessed the prospects of the Ukrainians in the war with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He published the conversation on the page in Facebook.

According to him, Ukraine will be in a very difficult situation and will inevitably lose. Although Russia will suffer heavy losses. Mikheil Saakashvili recalled how, in 2008, faced with the open invasion of the Russian army on the territory of Georgia. Then the Kremlin sent against him all the forces, including aircraft. According to the politician, if this happened under Vladimir Zelensky — Ukraine was not able to survive.

Саакашвили рассказал, почему Зеленский проиграет в войне с Россией: "Путин решил..."

“Russia would have broken the Ukrainian line of defense. The West Ukrainian military action will not help. Moscow would, however, be considered with respected economic consequences. Russian oil imports would be suspended, Russia would be disconnected from the SWIFT system, and it is possible that Europe would refuse from Russian gas. It would be costly Russia, but the consequences would have been catastrophic. The problem is that Putin may decide that he is going to pay off. He wants in any way to hold power in Russia. At some point, he decided that the content of the society in constant tension and outbreak of hostilities is the best strategy,” — said Mikheil Saakashvili.

Саакашвили рассказал, почему Зеленский проиграет в войне с Россией: "Путин решил..."

At the same time, ex-President of Georgia, positively evaluated the victory of Vladimir Zelensky in the presidential election. He drew attention that the showman received absolute recognition and became a symbol of escape from the old system thanks to the TV series “servant of the people”. However, Mikheil Saakashvili thinks that the majority of Ukrainians voted for the series. After all showmen in power have become a global trend. Among them can be attributed to U.S. President Donald trump. “Tired of all the people in ties and boring speeches. It’s bad news for most of today’s European politicians”, — said Mikheil Saakashvili.

The ex-the Governor of Odessa region not yet wish to return to the Ukrainian government. All he wants is to be able legally to visit Ukraine:

“I don’t want to take any of the posts under the President Zelensky. I have only the intention to get back their Ukrainian citizenship, which was illegally taken away Poroshenko. Anything more I don’t want to. Willing to share with the President my experience, willingly will give lectures for young people in Ukraine”.

We will remind, Saakashvili is a large mountain: the death of a loved one “will be missed”.

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