Russia’s Version of The Nanny – My Fair Nanny

Media and Showbiz play an important role around the globe. Media is presented to the viewers in a range of different types of ways such as sitcoms, serials, music videos, plays, films, and mega movies as well. The Russian media industry is a major one which consists of the different types of sitcoms, plays, and comprises some of the top singers of the world as well. Much of the media industry belongs to Ukraine. My Fair Nanny Russian Series is also a great sitcom which got much fame for being one of the first comedy ones in the Russian media industry.

My Fairy Nanny

What is My Fair Nanny Russian Series?

My Fair Nanny is a Russian comedy series which is an adaptation of American television comedy series “The Nanny” originally initiated by Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson. The show was named after the third episode of the American version named “My Fair Nanny”. The Russian version of the comedy series was released on September 17, 2004 and lasted till January 1, 2009 on STS channel. The series consisted of 7 seasons and 173 episodes.

The Russian comedy series of My Fair Nanny was directed by Audrey Kuznetsov and produced by Alexander Akopov . It featured Anastasia Zavorotnyuk as Viktoria Vladimirovna Shatalina and Sergei Zhigunov as Maksim Viktoroviс Shatalin as the leading characters of the play. It had a very catchy and joyful theme song that made the show more popular.

Main Story Line

The story revolves around the main character of the series named Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who is an active and chirpy Ukrainian woman, working as a cosmetics saleswoman. She has been terminated from her job and has been abandoned by her boyfriend. The second lead character is Shatalin who is a renowned producer, widower and father of three children who is planning to arrange a get-together for his business partners and for that he is in an urgent need of a nanny for his children. In just a hustle, he ultimately ends up appointing Viktoria. However, later on in the show he is shown regretting his decision.

In the beginning the children of Shatalin resist developing a cordial relation with their nanny, but as the show proceeds, it is shown that their relation with their nanny moves into lighter and friendly terms. There is a butler, Constantine and Chief Financial Officer named Janna Arkadyevna Izhevskaya having a witty nature and sarcastic personality. Chief Financial Officer and Viktoria have mutual interest and this makes them intact their friendship throughout the series. However, deep inside her heart she hates the new nanny of developing romantic relations with Shatalin, who is her lover’s interest.

The Amazing TV Sitcom

The role of several cousins, uncles and aunts belonging to Shatalin and Viktoria’s family grabs the attention of the audience with their unique and interesting characters. Viktoria’s mother often comes to Shatalin to meet her.  The basic storyline revolves around Maksim and Viktoria. As the show moves on, the relationship between Maksim and Viktoria is shown taking a new turn from being just an owner and employer to eventually becoming affectionate towards each other.

This affectionate feeling between both the characters begins in the first season, and grows till end. However, in the start Maksim conceals his feelings for Viktoria and avoids telling her. It is shown that in the ending episodes of the third season, Maksim at least reveals his inner feelings for Viktoria However, in the fourth season; he reverses his words which make Viktoria agitated. The relationship of Maksim and Viktoria takes different twists and turns in the show, but eventually in the sixth season Maksim asks Viktoria for marriage and they finally get married.

Fame of My Fair Nanny

My Fair Nanny did very well commercially by becoming the third highest rated Russian television series of all times.  Anastasia Zavarotniuk got prominence and fame from this show which made her the leading actress of the Russian country. The main character of nanny played by Anastasia Zavorotnyuk grabbed the attention of the critics and they admired her acting. Each character played by different actors and actresses added a charm and fun to the story. The storyline and script was liked and appreciated by the audience. Some episodes had the same storyline as American version of the show while some episodes were a bit altered.

This show is considered to be a major milestone in the television history of Russia. It was a risk to adapt such a famous American series and produce it in Russian version but the director, producer and the actors did a wonderful job by putting their whole effort and energy to make the show as one of the most watched and loved shows.  This show revived the television drama industry of Russia by crossing the target rating point. The average ratings of all the seasons were about 28.4 percent and the viewership consisted of people aging from six to fifty four years.

Similarity with American Sitcom

The story of the initial episodes was identical with the American’s storyline but later on new forty episodes were produced by CTC Network which had the original script. The new scripts were written by the American writers in collaboration with Russian creative teams. Alexander Rodnyansky, Chief Executive Officer of CTC Media, mentioned, “The new season of “My Fair Nanny” is an unprecedented event for the Russian TV market as it marks the first time that authors of an original, non-Russian series have developed new episodes specifically for Russian TV viewers. This project is the result of an effective cooperation between CTC Media and SPTI.”


The different types of sitcoms in the television industry of Russia have been making a huge name. Due to these many types of television series, the industry has been able to grow and gain awareness on international scale as well. It is expected that the Russian media will further grow if it continues to adapt the different types of American sitcoms within the Russian channels.