Russian woman caught up with the fate of Isadora Duncan at the resort in Turkey: “admire the beauty”

Россиянку настигла участь Айседоры Дункан на курорте в Турции: «полюбовалась красотами»

A woman with her husband decided to enjoy the popular attraction, however, no one could have predicted how it would end

The tragic accident occurred in the Central Turkish region of Cappadocia, known for the interesting rock formations that come to see tourists from all over the world.

So, to admire the local beauty and decided Muscovite named Tatyana, who came to Cappadocia with my husband. The couple decided to see the beautiful landscape from a bird’s flight with a balloon, reports the Telegram channel LIFE SHOT.

Россиянку настигла участь Айседоры Дункан на курорте в Турции: «полюбовалась красотами»

Then occurred a tragedy which nobody could have predicted.

Tatiana the tour tied on the neck scarf which got caught in the propeller, which inflated the balloon before the flight.

With a strong pull and strike the woman received severe head trauma and fell into a coma. Muscovite was hospitalized.

By the way, what is happening the tourist was shot on your mobile phone.

It is reported that the firm that organizes hot air ballooning, from financial compensation of the victim flatly refuses. Representatives of the company motivate its refusal by the fact that the incident happened on land and not in the air, and the tragedy occurred due to negligence of the Russians.

A woman in a coma is in one of the Turkish hospitals for more than a month. The treatment is very expensive. So, one night hospital stay cost the family 550 euros. Turkish doctors permission to transportation of the patient in Russia, but on one condition, if she’s lucky health special.

The Russian emergencies Ministry still remained silent.

Note that this incident similar to the tragic accident, which resulted in the horrible death died the famous American dancer of the early twentieth century, the wife of poet Sergei Yesenin, Isadora Duncan.

Duncan died in the French city of nice. Strangled her own scarf caught in the wheel axle of the vehicle in which she was taking a walk.

As previously reported, in the Northern part of Turkey on may day fell the snow. The thickness of the cover was up to six inches.

In particular, the snow covered the famous ski resort mountain uludağ. Unusual weather phenomenon at this time of year has aroused the curiosity of the resort are literally attacking tourists. However, as reported, tourists are now nothing particular to do.

Россиянку настигла участь Айседоры Дункан на курорте в Турции: «полюбовалась красотами»

Tourist facilities in the region closed, as the official season ended. However, this does not stop visitors. They come to make colorful pictures and enjoy the unusual landscape.

According to meteorologists, air temperature in Uludag and the area could fall to -10 degrees.

Recall that the tourists in Turkey were in a death trap (video).

As reported Politeka, disaster struck the popular resort fire rose to the skies.

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