Russian scientist claims to have found Atlantis

Find the location of the ancient city of Atlantis allegedly failed Russian scientist Vladimir Garmatyuk. According to him, the policy is hidden beneath the waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Examining the ancient evidence, the researcher came to the conclusion that the search for Atlantis should not in Scandinavia or South America, as claimed by his predecessors, and the area between the Islands of Cyprus and Crete, as well as the mouth of the river Nile. It was here, according to Garmatyuk, at great depth, at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea, hidden and mysterious city. The scientist believes that the specified area is a need to examine deep-water submersibles that in the end will give a positive result.

Previously, a number of Russian scientists announced that they managed to find traces of ancient Atlantis on the present territory of the United States. Then the researchers said that the city is hidden underground somewhere in the Central part of the country. This is the conclusion they came to based on the study of the works of ancient Greek philosopher Plato.

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