Russian propagandists disgraced ridiculous fake about APU: “the New party of heroin”

Российские пропагандисты опозорились нелепым фейком о ВСУ: "Новая партия герыча"

Russian propagandists issued a new “pearl” about the Ukrainian army in the Donbas

This time they imagined the Nazi flag at the position of the regiment “Azov”. The TV channel “Star”, famous for its fakes in the direction of Ukraine, posted on his official Twitter page information about what the position under the settlement Maryanka, where the fighters of the Azov regiment, hung the flag of Nazi Germany.

Российские пропагандисты опозорились нелепым фейком о ВСУ: "Новая партия герыча"

Under the post appeared sarcastic comments that indicate that the credibility of this resource, few experiencing.

“A new batch of heroin arrived?”, “Star utritsa freewheeling”, “Think chonit interesting, n*zduny-zadushevnikov,” wrote the user.

Российские пропагандисты опозорились нелепым фейком о ВСУ: "Новая партия герыча"

Earlier it was reported that in the Internet appeared the video, which exposes a new ridiculous lie propagandists Putin. Appropriate personnel published blogger “Phosphoric Gorlovka.” “Moscow, in 2018. The policemen dragged along the ground an old man with a St. George ribbon for what was selling on the street their belongings (not a good life and a decent pension). Rosebell rubs the Russians that “fascism in Ukraine” and he is in Moscow”, — stated in the message. Note that the video shows how Russian security forces are trying to “twist” and then dragged by the truck of a pensioner who was trading their belongings. It is noteworthy that this caused a storm of emotions among users of the network.

“striped ribbon did not protect”, “his Holiness Kirill did not have time to sanctify”, “but he had a ribbon, Colorado not helped”, — stated in the message.

As previously reported, the network has told that the Russian invaders changed tactics in the annexed Ukrainian Crimea

This was stated by people’s Deputy of Ukraine and the representative of the President of Ukraine on Affairs of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Cemil. “Recently, we fell into the hands of the so-called document. It is issued by the authorities of the Russian Federation, pensioners, military pensioners, employees of the FSB, who worked for 10 years,” he said.

Recall that the Ukrainians were making fun of the ridiculous fake propagandists of the Russian Federation.

As reported Politeka, APU punished the militants Putin in OOS.

Also Politeka wrote that the APU defeated the militants in the Donbas.