Russian mathematicians have found a way to predict the future information wars

To predict the deployment of information warfare in modern conditions, learnt Russian scientists from Moscow state University, MIPT and the Institute of applied mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences. As the authors of the study, they were able to find a mathematical model, allowing to develop a winning tactic in such a confrontation.

If a few years earlier, American scientists have found evidence that the organizers of the “Arab spring” actively used Twitter and other social media to “recruit” young people, now the Russian experts managed to define the mechanism of the very manipulation of the minds of the masses. Mathematics brought a number of formulas that describe the behavior of participants of the information war that allows you to determine the next steps of media propaganda.

Earlier it was reported that Russian scientists were able to find new alternative energy sources. Researchers from Novosibirsk have learned to produce fuel from water and air.

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